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Searching patents, drafting patent claims, avoiding conflicts with existing patent rights, and response to Office Action - these are all the inevitable procedures in patent application process..

With our online AI Patent Idea Search and Assessment, applying a patent will become easier, while reducing the workload by patent attorney, saving time, and increasing the success rate.


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How to evaluate the potential of

start-ups smartly?

By using advanced big data mining and analysis, factors like market potential, technology importance and performance of similar companies in the industries are evaluated to get accurate analysis of start-ups.

Patent Search

Easy to search the information of similar technology, and provide scores related to market acceptance, technological value and the difference between similar technology.

Enterprise Evaluation

Comparing the development factors with the alike companies, analyse the potential and development opportunity of the project. The users can purchase analysis reports as a tool to achieve the enterprise development.

Financial Analysis

The financing amount and the growth rate will be calculated smartly by only inputting the past financial record. The result compared with those of other companies helps checking whether it is growing steadily, or need to be guided.

Intelligent evaluation proposal and tools

InnoQ is a newly established platform which combines the big data and intelligent learning. It could substantially reduce the amount of time in reading the documents by humans and avoid the subjective judgement, whilst increase the information in analysis, inspect special characteristics, etc. All the indicators will be shown digitally.

Intelligent Search Engine

Most search engines will only search by keywords. For example, when ‘The history of Navigation’ is searched, most of the relevant information may possibly be eliminated as the words are not included.

Our search engine will identify the meaning of the words, and also recognize the characteristics of the searching item. The users could obtain information they require without reading meticulously.

Integrating Big Data

In the past, evaluating start-ups are usually based on the investors' subjective preferences and intuition. Our database contains over ten thousands of articles, including current professional analysis reports, patents, industrial and technological reviews. Combining big data analysis, the result is highly objective, accurate and contemporary.

Competitiveness between start-ups and similar entrepreneurship in the industry

After collecting various successful start-ups cases in different industries, including their analysis reports and introductions, similarity and difference will be determined and concluded by the innoQ intelligent big data system. The result can be used to strengthen the cultivation and tutorial for the start-ups to succeed.

Intelligent Deep Learning

InnoQ owns the function of intelligent deep learning, which could help lower the human resource and time consumed in reading information. The more information and documents are provided, the more knowledge gets transferred. We are using the same database as Facebook, which can accommodate to Pb (1024Tb) units of Information Quantity.


We are co-operating with many Angel Investor Funds.
InnoQ provides free assistance for market promotion and financial enquiries.


Start-ups are the Pioneers Of Future

We are a prominent force in probing the unknown future.


How to instruct?

Conducting matching with 1,000+ start-up companies.

Big Data Analysis

We could generate the start-ups potential analysis (compared with the entire internet information) as long as the start-ups could upload their PowerPoint, news and patent, etc.

Smart city and communication network concept. 5G. LPWA (Low Power Wide Area). Wireless communication.

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